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Hi -- I'm Lori, your hostess. I'm the mother of 4 and am an eclectic homeschooler. I hope you'll find some of my musings about the process helpful! Please comment or contact me privately -- I'd love to get to know you!


  1. Some of the things people make on Minecraft are just amazing! My kids aren’t quite old enough for it yet, but I’ll keep your ideas in mind for the future. Thanks for helping to keep me occupied at the airport! :)

  2. Colleen Boyd says:

    I too think mincraft is an amazing, creative game. I will say I liked it much more when my son was in creative mode and was designing and building within the game. He has recently made connection w a couple of kids on Skype and is playing online with them. Its when he started this, that I noticed the more obsessive behavior in him.
    So, my first question has to do with how others deal with their kids gaming with others that they don’t know thru Skype. He has made these connections thru twitter and the common Minecraft interest.
    Second, how do you control/monitor the whole twitter/Skype thing? I feel we gave him a little too much rein and now I’m back peddling on this.
    He is 11, and has been unschooled all his life. I have totally trusted his lead, we have had nothing but amazing experiences with unschooling and now I’m in uncharted water.
    Any ideas or thoughts are much appreciated.

  3. I use Minecraft for a number of homeschool purposes;
    We’ve used homeschool to discuss chemistry. While mining, we say things like “Oh look, I found some Au!” (gold) or “Tons of C! (Carbon = coal).
    I have my son build things like a Viking longhouse, Medieval Castle, or full town (for history and social studies)
    We compare electric circuits to things you can build with Restone in the game as well. My son builds gadgets like working doorbells, automatic doors, etc.
    I’ve also used it to illustrate biomes. He couldn’t understand it until we played Minecraft and BAM- it all became very clear to him.

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