Final project Review

For my final project for Marketing Research (MKT 337) I have chosen PepsiCo. The final project asks us to choose from a list of existing Fortune500 companies, develop a new product proposal, and create a marketing research brief.

Truth be told – I’m a Coke fan. This is part of the reason I chose Pepsi. Coke and Pepsi have had a long-time feud, often competing with similar product launches. In 1975, Pepsi, the longtime underdog, created a campaign called “The Pepsi Challenge.” The purpose was to offer both Coke and Pepsi in a blind taste test and more participants preferred Pepsi to Coke. ( For the most part, Coke has always held the market as favorite.

For my final project, I will be proposing that Pepsi launch a product with coffee or espresso. My idea actually came from an existing Coke product. A secondary product would be cotton candy flavored Pepsi. My hope is either of these products would help put Pepsi in front of Coke once again.

To conduct market research to decide the viability of this product, I would want to find out if there were enough of an interest in a soda product combined with coffee. In addition, I would want to find out what price-point people would be willing to meet to purchase such a product.

PepsiCo was created in 1898 by Caleb Bradham. He was a pharmacist in North Carolina who wanted to offer the product to his customers. PepsiCo currently houses 918 different products according the the product finder on their website. They offer low/no calorie options for most of their products. (

While PepsiCo houses several different brands including Mountain Dew, Lipton Brisk, and Bubly water, for this project, I will focus on a new Pepsi flavor. I think that there is a push in the market to keep things new and interesting.

I want to explore what people think of the variety of Pepsi flavors or if they prefer to stick with the original. This question will be key to deciding if a new flavor will be successful. Additionally, special interest should be given to the caffeine content of such a beverage.

As I dive further into Pepsi’s history, current marketing strategies, and beliefs, I will be checking back in to share any interesting information I come across. While we are a more health conscious society, there is just something so refreshing about a Pepsi. Pizza and Pepsi is always a very happy marriage. Hopefully Pepsi with coffee could be the same.

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