Time for a new marketing class and a new blog post. For this assignment I have chosen to look at the social media implications of Pinterest.

I LOVE Pinterest. I have found so many good ideas and free resources on Pinterest. While you don’t necessary see ads as often as you do on Facebook, I have noticed that my Pinterest ads correlate to my Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads and searches.

If I search for a specific planner on YouTube to see a flip-through, I will have an ad for that exact planner on Pinterest the next time I open my feed. While the ads do not go unnoticed, they do go unclicked. When making purchases, I tend to go directly to the website for the product. I do not click on any ads or affiliate links. Why? Simple – I’ve had my debit card number stolen a time or two and I’ve learned to shop through the site itself without any other entity attached to it. I have certainly followed marketing links from Pinterest before, I’ve investigated products, done the research, explored the sites – but if it came down to an actual purchase, I went to the site directly from my browser.

Social media has taken a dominance in the marketing world. It is so much easier and faster to reach mass target audiences with a few well-placed posts or advertisements. You can touch millions of people in seconds. I feel inundated with ads, consistent ads across platforms even. I know we are constantly being marketed to whether we realize it or not, but sheesh, sometimes I don’t want to open Pinterest to see the same product I was just Googling.

Until next time, enjoy your coffee!